Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006

Era End, posted at 3:01 p.m.

Epiphany in Baltimore has moved to

End of an era - my gold membership just expired, after several months away from diaryland.

My diaryland site was regularly updated from April 18, 2000 until June 17, 2005. I was a gold member for several of those years. I wrote 1312 entries during that time, and 318 people still have me listed as a "Favorite" despite the fact that I no longer update over here. I'm grateful for diaryland for getting me hooked on online journaling, but disappointed that their slow pickup on things all other blogging sites had and slow return of e-mails forced me to leave. I left in large part because diaryland did not have an RSS feed, something they go several months after I left. Unfortunately, at the time I made the decision to leave, I couldn't get a hold of anyone in charge of the site to figure out when it actually was going to occur. I probably would have waited it out.

I'm pretty happy over at blogspot.
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